Dark Vengeance Delayed


Sources within the Games Workshop revealed to me yesterday (and since been all but confirmed by Bell of Lost Souls) that the standard edition of Dark Vengeance will be delayed.

There’s some speculation about why but my source tells me that it’s a combination of the Limited Edition box not being as limited as was originally implied and the sales of said box not being as strong because customers are holding off for the cheaper box.

It’s a rare thing for me to feel sorry for the Games Workshop as the limited edition box was a nice idea. Personally I’d like them to pay a bit more attention to the video games market to understand what a limited edition box should be. One extra bloke a special box does not make. But that aside, they attempted to garner some excitement with the release and it all seems to have fallen…

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Ichiban Painting’s Big Damn Contest


Hugo at Ichiban Painting is having a contest, because he’s nice like that.

Nip over to his YouTube Channel, subscribe and leave a comment and you can be in with the chance of winning many many shiny shiny prizes. I’ve posted the video here too but go forth and subscribe.

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Daemons of Chaos Releases

After GW posted this video hinting at something Chaosy;

…it now looks like there’s going to be a Codex update in next months for Daemons of Chaos along with new minis.

This video shows the new models along with new Finecast moulds, although the quality isn’t great it seems to confirm that there will be new models and rules for Daemons of Chaos.


It’s The Shell Case’s 1st birthday, it’s a great blog by a great guy who works very hard for the #warmongers and all others in the wargaming community


The Shell Case is 1 years old today. It’s funny to think that back then I had very little idea what I was going to write about that month let alone 12 months later.

So, what’s happened in the last year? Well…

Since The Shell Case went live I’ve written 387 posts the blog has had over 84,500

In July last year the blog averaged 11 hits a day. It now averages 540.

The busiest day was a whopping 2,105 hits for my first look at Dropzone Commander which is released today – which has a pleasing symmetry to it.

I’ve written 47 reviews, 9 interviews and 12 essays on 40k. And I’ve even been interviewed by Noobhammer and War More Radio.

In the last year The Shell Case Alliance has been founded and has 33 members and the Shell Case Shorts looks set to run right through to the end of…

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