Guild Ball on Kickstarter

Recently I came across a Kickstarter campaign, a project headed by Mat Hart and Rich Loxam and artwork and sculpts provided by Doug Telford and Russ Charles. What attracted me to this project was the simplicity of the gameplay and a fantastic attention to quality as you can see in the image below of the Fishermen Guild’s captain, Shark.

The kickstarter has already reached the funding required but with 3 weeks left there is potential to still snap up earl bird deals, professionally painted team bundles and some lucky people can even design their own character with the team.
You can access early releases of rules, constant updates of new sculpts and artwork by clicking here. Most of the information is already on the kickstarter site so I’ll let you take a look yourself, but here’s a teaser video too.

They already have my support.




Dungeonbowl is a new game that is released today by Cyanide, available on Steam. It’s based on the Bloodbowl game from Games Workshop – a violent version of american football, based in the Warhammer World. If you’re familiar with the Bloodbowl game then Dungeonbowl is similar, just in a different setting and the ball is hidden in booby-trapped chests. It looks like good fun, I’m just looking for a demo to try it out before I buy it though.

This is the sort of thing involved:

Looks good if you ask me.

Have any of you tried it yet and what do you think if so?

Hairy High Elves?

I’ve recently had a thought about how to make my High Elf army unique, adding fur to their clothes. My army are going to be based far north in Ulthuan, on the coast of Chrace, but I’m not great with the geography of a fantasy island so I don’t know if this would warrant the need for more insulation (there’s the first issue, is it needed?).

Issue 2: I’m not sure if my modelling skills are good enough to add fur without losing the elegance of an elven army, I’m a little worried that I’ll end up making them look like skinny Warriors of Chaos. The final issue is if I do go with the idea, should fur be added to all models or will it just look over-done?

I think that if this is done well it could result in a really nice army, however, doing a cost-benefit analysis has left me a little wary of attempting it.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated, thanks!

Heresy Miniatures Review

A review of a great miniature and after browsing the site I’m definately going to have to make a few purchases. This Heresy Miniatures Review is from The Shell Case.

“Whilst at Salute the other week I found myself over at the Heresy Miniatures stand chatting with the thoroughly nice chaps and oggling all the various models in the cabinets, especially the models that most definitely aren’t Delaques that most definitely aren’t for Necromunda.

However my eye was drawn to a fantasy miniature, which is, generally, very unlike me unless I can cram it into Mordheim some how. The model in question is the Barbarian Warlord, first cast back in 2008.

Although not the newest model in the Heresy catalogue I just had to buy him because, quite simply, he looks awesome. I think the thing that really gets me is that he’s not a typical barbarian model. He’s not swinging his axe wildly, nor is he covered in rags, nor chains. However he still looks hard as nails! The casual pose with that massive axe rested on his shoulder screams ‘walk away now and I’ll let you live’. Because you know, when the axe starts swinging it’s only going to end one, very messy, way.

Beyond the pose, the detail does well to convey the skull splitting bad-assery of the model without going overboard. All the armour is down one side which is a nice touch. It indicates that (A) he has status in that he has armour at all and (B) he favours his right hand when fighting so presents his off side to the enemy. However restricting the armour to his left side still gives him mobility, which is key. Although that gauntlet looks like it could bring some serious hurt, and is one of my favourite bits of the model.

I like attention to detail like that. It shows actual thought has gone into the model rather than ‘lets give him a weapon twice his size and give him a huge suit of armour and cover every surface we can with spikes and skulls!’ I’m all for fantasy but it also needs to be possible excluding magic, demons and all that jiggery pokery of course.

The little touches are all evident as well on the model. The throwing knives and coin purse are all competently sculpted so when they’re painted they’ll look the part. Even the cloak has clasps attaching it to the armour which is a silly level of detail that I haven’t seen for a while. And the mentalists have even sculpted muscle definition on the chest. Which is great so now Thor and the Barbarian Warlord can make me feel inadequate together.

Overall it’s a top model. The mould lines were a bit of a sod in places but I can’t dock too many points for that as the casting quality itself is very good. And for £6.50 it’s an absolute bargain. If you haven’t checked out Heresy Miniatures go there right now and grab yourself a little slice of awesome.”

Games Workshop’s Count Down of the Top 5 Moustaches of the Warhammer World


At 5 – King Louen Leoncouer of Bretonnia

King Louen Leoncouer has always attacked the enemies of Bretonnia with fiery wrath and determination, yet never have his actions been anything other than chivalrous and honourable. He is blessed above all other mortals by the Lady of the Lake and legend has it that where Leoncouer is cut, light streams out from the wound until it is healed over once more. As the King of Bretonnia, he leads by example, taking the fight to the enemy atop his mighty Hyppogryph, Beaquis.




At 4 – Dwarven High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer

When Thorim Grudgebearer goes to war, he carries with him the Great Book of Grudges – the Dammaz Kron – which inspires nearby Dwarfs to great acts of vengeance and retribution. He is borne aloft on the Throne of Power by four sturdy Thronebearers and it is believed that Grungi himself wrought this ancient artefact, which gives Thorgrim such heroic resilience. In battle, Thorgrim brandishes the Axe of Grimnir, a magical weapon engraved with three potent master runes that have been the bane of many a monster. Thorgrim is a warrior, general and inspirational figure to all Dwarfs and the figurehead of his entire race.




Taking  3rd spot – Grand Marshall of the Reiksguard Knights, Kurt Helborg

Kurt Helborg is the Grand Marshal of the Reiksguard Knights and one of Emperor Karl Franz’s most trusted military commanders. Tall and strong, he is the very image of a heroic Knight, his armour polished to a mirror sheen and his sword arm as strong as his courage is unbending. Helborg is reputed to be the greatest swordsman in the Old World and, armed with the Runefang of Solland, there are few who are willing to dispute that claim.




In 2nd – The Emperor’s Champion, Ludwig Schwarzhelm

Ludwig Schwarzhelm is the champion of Karl Franz and the bearer of the Emperor’s personal standard. He is a towering figure of a man renowned for his mighty physique, stern expression and deadly sword arm. When the Empire marches to war, Schwarzhelm carries The Emperor’s Standard and acts as his personal bodyguard.
When not in battle, Schwarzhelm upholds the Emperor’s justice and many disloyal nobles have met their end by his blade.




In first – The one and only Female Maneater

However, there is some controversy as to whether this is a fake…







Personally I think Kurt Helborg’s soup strainer deserves to be second for the fantastic conditioning, but it’s a good list nonetheless. Do you think there’s anyone that they’ve missed off the list? Perhaps the Dwarves are under represented…