Guild Ball on Kickstarter

Recently I came across a Kickstarter campaign, a project headed by Mat Hart and Rich Loxam and artwork and sculpts provided by Doug Telford and Russ Charles. What attracted me to this project was the simplicity of the gameplay and a fantastic attention to quality as you can see in the image below of the Fishermen Guild’s captain, Shark.

The kickstarter has already reached the funding required but with 3 weeks left there is potential to still snap up earl bird deals, professionally painted team bundles and some lucky people can even design their own character with the team.
You can access early releases of rules, constant updates of new sculpts and artwork by clicking here. Most of the information is already on the kickstarter site so I’ll let you take a look yourself, but here’s a teaser video too.

They already have my support.



Last night Games Workshop released a mysterious teaser video, but I think everyone who is a fan of GW will know what it’s for – Warhammer 40k 6th Edition.


So now that the date is out for the release of the new rules and fluff we can only speculate on the changes until then…



Dungeonbowl is a new game that is released today by Cyanide, available on Steam. It’s based on the Bloodbowl game from Games Workshop – a violent version of american football, based in the Warhammer World. If you’re familiar with the Bloodbowl game then Dungeonbowl is similar, just in a different setting and the ball is hidden in booby-trapped chests. It looks like good fun, I’m just looking for a demo to try it out before I buy it though.

This is the sort of thing involved:

Looks good if you ask me.

Have any of you tried it yet and what do you think if so?