Guild Ball on Kickstarter

Recently I came across a Kickstarter campaign, a project headed by Mat Hart and Rich Loxam and artwork and sculpts provided by Doug Telford and Russ Charles. What attracted me to this project was the simplicity of the gameplay and a fantastic attention to quality as you can see in the image below of the Fishermen Guild’s captain, Shark.

The kickstarter has already reached the funding required but with 3 weeks left there is potential to still snap up earl bird deals, professionally painted team bundles and some lucky people can even design their own character with the team.
You can access early releases of rules, constant updates of new sculpts and artwork by clicking here. Most of the information is already on the kickstarter site so I’ll let you take a look yourself, but here’s a teaser video too.

They already have my support.


Getting Back On The Horse

Canis Wolfborn from

Canis Wolfborn from

Today I made an army list for the first time in over a year.

I’ve been away from the hobby for a long time, mainly due to being on a relatively intense Master’s degree course. I have managed to keep an eye on new releases and was pleased to see two of my armies; High Elves and Tau receive an update, while being distressed at the price of the army books. The £30 army books make me reminisce about when I got started in the hobby and you could pick one up for £12! Safe to say I haven’t bought either of the new army books yet. But this post isn’t meant to be about Games Workshop’s prices, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of opportunities in the future for that.

This helped in my decision to use my Space Wolves, but only 700 points of them. A friend and I are combining forces of Ultramarines and Space Wolves against a mix of Imperial Guard and Space Marines. Such a small force was difficult to make with the cost of space marines but it should make coming to terms with the rules again quite easy. Thankfully, we’ll be sticking to 5th Edition for the time being which means I should be able to remember some of what’s supposed to be going on. We’ll be heading to Warhammer World for the battle, which is always a treat thanks to the great gaming tables, miniatures hall and Bugman’s. Taking everything into account it seems quite an easy reintroduction back into the hobby, all I need to do now is find the motivation to pick up the paint brush once again.

I’ll keep my army selection to myself for now, in case my opponent reads this! But perhaps I’ll try to write my first battle report and post it later?

300th Post – The #warmongers

300th Post – The #warmongers over on The Shell Case.

So this is quite a landmark. 300 posts. When I started this blog at the end of July last year I had intended it to be little more than articles about my hobby to actually make me do the hobby, the odd painting tutorial and a few rants about whatever was going on in the hobby at the time. I never dreamt that The Shell Case would have the readers it does or I’d find myself amongst such a thriving community as the #warmongers.

Ultimately the reason why I’ve been able to write about all that I have, and review all that I have over the last 299 posts is entirely because of the #warmongers supporting The Shell Case and me. So this post if for the greatest community for the greatest hobby in the world.

So it is with great pride I give you the #warmongers (in no particular order and sorry if I’ve missed you out, I tried my best):

Charging Carnifex ‏ @CharginCarnifex

Matt Gilbert ‏ @Hittin_On_3s

Wargame Website ‏ @WargameWebsite

Dan Cox ‏ @gjinari

Workbench Warriors ‏ @wrkbnchwarriors

Warmongers Recruitment

Hearing that fellow blogger, Warmaster Horus ( has managed to persuade a friend to start playing Fantasy, it made me wonder about how easy it is to get people into the game, be it Fantasy or 40K. In our small group of 4 gamers, one comes to mind of someone who is easily persuaded; Jamie started only recently collecting Imperial Guard, he now has a decent Guard army, a fair amount of Tyranids and he’s just started a Warriors of Chaos army.

I, myself, can’t stop buying new minis and see my unpainted armies grow and grow. Although I do show some control and have limited myself to 4 armies at the moment, despite “accidently” dropping a Space Wolf Rune Priest into the same basket as the Blood Bowl purchase to honour my agreement.

Do you have any friends that can be easily brainwashed into collecting minis, or some that are always reluctant to get anything new, perhaps they want to remain loyal to an army or just don’t want to part with their cash?

Battle Foam Review

I purchased a Battle Foam Shield Bag (Standard Load Out) as I had heard good things about them, however, it wasn’t until they held a black friday sale that I decided to get one as the prices could be seen as extortionate. In the end I paid a little more than you would for the GW Citadel Figure Case.

First of all I was disappointed with their level of service as I pre-ordered the case in November, and it still took them a month to send it to me. It does say on the website to allow 2-3 weeks for production, however, I did not expect to have to wait more than this long when I had pre-ordered the product over a month before release. Additionally, when I tried to contact them it took 6 attempts to get a reply that was less than helpful.

But onto the case itself. The overall look of the case is pretty nice, a simply grey colour and a simple cuboid shape give it a clean, functional appearance. It has space to hold rule books, army books (codices) and any other things in the side and front pockets, including reference sheets etc. There’s also a handy extra pocket on the front which could hold dice, tape measures, glue and any other small accessories. Now regarding the content, it contains 3 layers of trays; a small troop tray, a large troop tray and a 4″ pluck foam tray (the GW Citadel Figure Case didn’t provide this kind of variety). These come in handy with armies that have a variety of models and it seemed ideal for an army such as the Space Wolves, which use figures from  tactical marines to terminators, through to tanks. Additionally, it seemed ideal for my fantasy army of High Elves which contain a mix of infantry, cavalry and monstrous creatures. However, the shapes of some of the slots don’t “agree” with certain models and it would probably be a better option to go for the empty bag and buy custom trays to fit your army (if you could afford that).

The convenience of the bag is quite nice as before I had only owned the GW Army Figure Case, and for someone who usually plays 1500-2000 point battles it was more than I needed. The Shield Bag will allow me to take a single army with me and take up less space. The bag also seems fairly durable despite not having a hard exterior like most figure cases and the choice of a hand strap or an arm strap is a nice touch. I you want to compare the Battle Foam Shield Bag to the GW Citadel Figure Case yourself, here are the links: and

I’d probably use Battle Foam again, however, not if I need the bag quickly, and probably only when they are holding sales as my budget is only small at this moment in time.

Let me know if you guys have used them before and what you thought of the products, or feel free to share any information about other good manufacturers of figure cases.