#warmonger of the Year


Last night I had a bit of an idea. And that idea was to do a #warmonger of the year competition. However, whereas normally I make you jump through hoops to win toys or signed copies of books, this time I’m asking you all to nominate your favourite #warmonger.

The person in the Twitter community that has helped you out the most or gone that extra mile. Follow the link below to nominate your favourite #warmonger (and no it can’t be yourself) and they could be in with the chance of winning a complete and signed set of The Crown trilogy written by Shell Case favourite Gav Thorpe.

And if the winner has a blog I’ll design them a little button as well so they can show off to all their visitors how awesome they are.

Nominations must be in by the 15th December and a winner will be…

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300th Post – The #warmongers

300th Post – The #warmongers over on The Shell Case.

So this is quite a landmark. 300 posts. When I started this blog at the end of July last year I had intended it to be little more than articles about my hobby to actually make me do the hobby, the odd painting tutorial and a few rants about whatever was going on in the hobby at the time. I never dreamt that The Shell Case would have the readers it does or I’d find myself amongst such a thriving community as the #warmongers.

Ultimately the reason why I’ve been able to write about all that I have, and review all that I have over the last 299 posts is entirely because of the #warmongers supporting The Shell Case and me. So this post if for the greatest community for the greatest hobby in the world.

So it is with great pride I give you the #warmongers (in no particular order and sorry if I’ve missed you out, I tried my best):

Charging Carnifex ‏ @CharginCarnifex

Matt Gilbert ‏ @Hittin_On_3s

Wargame Website ‏ @WargameWebsite

Dan Cox ‏ @gjinari

Workbench Warriors ‏ @wrkbnchwarriors