Chaos Space Marine Leaked White Dwarf Pages

That Helldrake looks amazing!!! That is all…


Faeit 212 has managed to get their hands on some snaps of October’s White Dwarf not only the new look, which is no surprise at all considering the type face has been on the website for a while, but some snaps of the new (and utterly mental) Chaos Space Marine units. Being a sneaky sod I’ve robbed them and put them up here too. And by the looks of things GW are embracing the techno-organic look across the entire range. Could this be (finally) be the end to Space Marine tanks with spikes glued to them?

Apparently this big bastard is called a Helldrake. Which is nice.

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Warhammer 40K 1000 Point Battle: Death Worlds

In a previous post I promised a 1000 point battle report when I reached over 100 followers on twitter. The time is approaching when I can meet up with my challenger and his tyranid army. We’ve agreed we’re going to give the Death World scenario a go from White Dwarf issue 388. We’re also going to use the same lists as the battle report featured in the same issue.

So here are the lists:

For me it looks like a difficult battle for the Space Wolves but I’m gonna give it a go and I’ll post a battle report on here.

What do you guys think of the lists and whether it will be a good battle?


Warhammer 40,000 Battle Missions: Death Worlds

In issue 388 of White Dwarf Games Workshop have included some scenarios for 40k players. I like the idea of these and I’m going to play a few games using these scenarios as soon as I can.

Here’s a few pages about it:

There’s also a nice battle report between Space Wolves and Nids that I want to recreate with a friend. I’ll share the outcome on here